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Specialist Wildfire Solutions

Risk Consulting

In a climate of heightened wildfire risk, it is critical to take the appropriate action to adequately prepare, react and recover from wildfires. Our consultants understand wildfire risk and work to find solutions for you. The combined skill-set and strategic thinking ability allow our consultants to analyse your situation and devise solutions which work for you.

Research, Analysis and Reporting

Wildfire operational experience combined with our professional capabilities and skills  produce insightful analysis and reports. Appointed by the Western Cape Government to analyse and produce the report on 2017 Knysna Fires, a landmark wildfire in the history of South African wildfire incidents.

Wildfire Investigations

Vulcan Wildfire Management form an investigative task force comprised of field researchers, data captures, analysts and a qualified wildfire investigator. It’s important for any formal investigation to have credibility, especially if it may result in legal action.


Invest in the knowledge development of people and innovation, resource optimisation, leadership (all vitally needed) will follow.
Vulcan Training offers you a training experience of the highest quality. Our passionate and experienced course facilitators, combined with contemporary training systems, deliver premium outcome-based training.

Wildfire Ready

WildfireReady is a risk and reporting process developed by us to reduce loss from wildfires. Wildfires can occur throughout the
year, with periods of higher frequency and intensity, and can pose a significant threat to residents, property, infrastructure and assets. By becoming WildfireReady you are creating a
strategic plan to prepare, respond, stabilise and recover from wildfires.

Communication Strategy

Vulcan has a communications division which is pioneering and innovative. Having insight and understanding of wildfire incidents the Vulcan Team have been involved in creating communication strategies which create disaster ready citizens and communities. 

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Change Makers

The wildfire industry, in order to adapt improve and react to the changing environment needs to be in a state of change (growth). Vulcan Wildfire Management, since its inception have been a change maker, introducing positive initiates and asking, how can we adapt and improve.

Project Management

Process driven with attention to detail our team run large and small scale projects with effectiveness and efficiency. A high standard of work and ethical business practice are a non-negotiable.


The wildfire environment is dynamic and the systems geared to prepare and respond to wildfire incidents are even more complex. There are many challenges which need to be solved and our team excel at analysing all the variables in order to find workable solutions.

Ryan Heydenrych

Ryan Heydenrych


+27 83 969 7776

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan


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Rouvanne van den Berg

Rouvanne van den Berg

Fire Investigator and Consultant

+27 82 782 7508

Hours of Operation

09:00am – 17:00pm

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