Wildfire Risk Consulting

In a climate of heightened wildfire risk, it is critical to take the appropriate action to adequately prepare, react and recover from wildfires. Your actions are optimised when you are able to access experience and intelligence.

Our team has been on the front lines of wildfires; experienced how wildfires destroy farms, homes and communities and observed the effect this has on the people living there. Importantly they have also been at the forefront of pre-emptive work designed to reduce risk. The combined skill-set and strategic thinking ability allow our consultants to analyse your situation and devise solutions which work for you.

CONTACT US for any advice, assistance or guidance regarding all aspects of wildfire.

Why Vulcan?

Our consultants work in the field of wildfire risk reduction and are an integral part of research studies, risk reduction innovations, fire operations, incident training and wildfire awareness campaigns. This broad base of experience ensures you are speaking to the right people.

Make Contact

CONTACT US for any advice, assistance or guidance regarding all aspects of wildfire. We are happy to meet with you and work to solve your wildfire challenges. Ideally, we like to build a relationship with you and get to know your property in order to provide the best possible service.

Assistance During an Incident

Wildfire on your land and threatening your community can be extremely daunting. It’s a very difficult situation to handle and seeking knowledgeable and strategic advice can make all the difference in the end result.
CONTACT US for on-scene assistance. We provide strategic and tactical guidance and can also assist you to communicate with Incident Command.

Act Before Disaster Strikes

Our consultants are excellent strategist. Wildfire risk reduction work that can have a significant effect in lowering your level of risk to wildfire loss. We thrive on finding the optimal solutions to meet your needs. Act before a wildfire strikes and be #WildfireReady.

Communication leads to connections, community and mutual value