Wildfire Investigations


Vulcan Wildfire Management offer an investigative task force comprised of field researchers, data capturers, analysts and a forensic investigator. It’s important for any formal investigation to have credibility, especially if it may result in legal action. The type of investigations we get involved with are typically incidents where some type of loss has occurred and the clients are seeking solutions to prevent future losses as well as where there might be a legal case.

It’s incredibly important to begin documenting a scene as soon as possible so please reach out to us as soon as you can.

Why Vulcan?

There is a very important benefit of having our task force conduct your investigation. It’s important to build a picture, explore the different angles and test different perspectives.

Investigate Immediately

A wildfire origin and initial fire spread are very important aspects to document as soon as possible. Evidence is easily disturbed or destroyed. If you require an investigation, CONTACT US immediately.


The Process

Integrity, duty and respect are very important values we uphold throughout the investigation. The process is very important and we will keep you up to speed and informed about each stage of the investigation.


A qualified forensic investigator is an integral part of the team in order for the investigation to have validity and stand the test of legal procedures. An investigation report is produced and additional consultation is then offered based on the needs of the case.

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