Our work is a skilled trade which takes a
strategic approach to enhance tactical effectiveness.

Wildfire Risk Consulting

In a climate of heightened wildfire risk, it is critical to take the appropriate action to adequately prepare, react and recover from wildfires. Our consultants understand wildfire risk and work to find solutions for you.

Awareness and Communication

The Vulcan Team develops communication strategies which bridge the communications gap between people on the ground and the scientific/strategic level insights which are generated.

Check Protect Survive

Just as every family, household and property is unique, so every CHECK PROTECT SURVIVE™ report is customized specifically to answer your assessed needs and situation.

Research, Analysis and Reporting

Vulcan Wildfire Management has the proven wildfire experience, professional competency and project management skills to produce insightful analysis and reports. Their extensive report on the 2017 Knysna Fires is a powerful ‘lessons learned’ analysis and a great example of the type of work Vulcan produces.

Wildfire Investigations

Vulcan Wildfire Management form an investigative task force comprised of field researchers, data captures, analysts and a forensic investigator. It’s important for any formal investigation to have credibility, especially if it may result in legal action.


Training is the inspiration, the kick start you need to develop and grow. It is the vital beginning of a process. Take part in the Vulcan Training experience so that we can help you achieve personal goals for growth and excellence.

What our clients have to say

“Vulcan Wildfire Management attended a number of fires within the Cape Winelands District during the 2015/16 fire season.

Their performance was always of the highest quality and they went about their assigned duties in a highly professional and efficient manner. They were always available to rapidly respond as per their service level agreements.

Their communications with their assigned supervisors on fire incidents as well as during controlled burning operations were always of exceptional quality. We can therefore recommend this organisation, without any reservations, to continue their operations and they will most certainly be an invaluable asset to any client.”

Danie Wilds

Chief Fire Officer, Cape Winelands District Municipality

“Patrick and Ryan, along with their team were very professional and meticulous with their planning and execution of the clean up and stash burns. We are very satisfied with the work that was done for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Timothy Hoek

Manager, Houte Cabrier

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