Communication Strategy and Campaigns

The Challenge

Being able to reach a target audience and connect with them in order to inform, educate and affect a behaviour change is incredibly important in the field of emergency management and risk reduction. Globally it has been recognised as extremely challenging to drive impactful wildfire communication campaigns which have a long-term impact on risk reduction behaviours. An example of this in the wildfire context is the situation where the majority of homeowners living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), are seemingly unresponsive to warnings about the risks they face from wildfires. This is why communication strategies must seek to gain insight into what really motivates an audience and design messages which are conveyed and packaged to deliver real results.

The Solution

Vulcan Wildfire Management offers the wildfire, emergency, insurance and risk reduction industry a team with a very unique skill set and level of experience to draw from. The Vulcan Communication Team is comprised of members with a Marketing Communication Degree, Graphic Design, Master of Philosophy in Environment, Society and Sustainability and Professional Photography.  What’s important is this communication skill set is constantly utilised as well as balanced with experience working in the field of wildfire management, risk reduction work and assessments, research projects and major incident analysis.

Vulcan Wildfire Management has produced an extensive range of social media awareness campaigns, safety posters, press articles and awareness information. They have undertaken some of this work independently as well as some work being contracted by the Provincial Government of the Western Cape through its Chief Directorate: Disaster Management and Fire & Rescue Services. Further to this, the company has an active record of positive media relations with occasional features on radio, blogs and print media.

"Wildfire is part of the ecosystem, it is an inevitable occurance to which communities must adapt"

Vulcan Wildfire Management

"One of the minimum factors for success for an effective Community Wildfire Resilience Strategy is collaboration among local stakeholders"


Vulcan Wildfire Management



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Communication leads to connections, community and mutual value