Check Protect Survive™

The Challenge

Being safe from the threat of wildfires can be complicated. For months, even years the presence of wildfire is not felt but all it takes is one incident and everything can be lost. How do you go about preparing for a wildfire of the future? What actions do you prioritise over others? The task of becoming wildfire ready is daunting and challenging. With the help and guidance of specialists in the field and a systematic approach to reducing risk being wildfire ready can become a reality.

The Solution

Vulcan Wildfire Management provides homeowners, housing complexes, farmers, and communities with intelligent solutions. The adaptable Check Protect Survive (CPS) risk assessment solution has been established from a combination of our team’s operational experience gained as wildland firefighters as well as research of international best practice. Development work in systems of this nature is of critical importance for the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) challenges that we are seeing throughout the Western Cape, South Africa and around the globe.

The CPS risk assessment tool can be used for large properties, farms and communities as well as individual homes in the wildland urban interface. Aspects such as creating intelligent defendable space, ease of access to fire services, community safety zones, community water points to supplement hydrants, incident management expertise are just some of the measures which a wildfire ready community must look at.


"We were not prepared for a wildfire of this scale & ferocity"

Knysna Fires 2017,  Homeowner

"When it comes to saving your home from wildfire, details matter."

Vulcan Wildfire Management


Attention to Detail


Average Persons Understanding of Wildfire Risk Factors

Average Risk Factors Assessed in a CPS Report

Unique Action Plan Contained in a CPS Report

Ember Attack

Embers carried by the wind must be considered in your home defences. Build or retrofit to consider ember attack.

Building Materials

The materials from which you constrct your home and surrounding structures can dramatically increase their survival rate during a wildfire.


Community Risk

Preparing for wildfires on a community level is highly recommended. The proximity of risk factors of one home can have knock on effects on neighboring properties.

Positioning of Your Home

Factors such as vegetation, slope, aspect, prevailing wind direction, local wind direction etc. must be factored into your risk reduction planning.

The residents of Vredehoek who live on the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) had seen quite a few wildfires on the mountain over the years and while they were cautious, they had never been overly concerned, especially with Fire Services in attendance. This time though the outcome was very different. Homeowner Raymond describes the events that happened and how the measures they had put in place were not enough to protect their property from the ember attack that occurred as a gale force wind blew thousands of embers over the FuelBreak and into their home and garden.

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