Vulcan Wildfire Management offers all components of integrated fire management. Service excellence and work of the highest quality is what we strive for at all times. The wildland environment is complex and Vulcan ensures the right leadership is in place to independently drive projects and hit the desired objectives. Vulcan staff have a hard working ethic and an effective team environment. Our service must honour a code to serve with duty, respect and integrity.


The Vulcan Service Portfolio


Check Protect Survive™
Extreme weather conditions all over the world are leading to an increase in the number of fires and we are experiencing the effect of this locally. Wildfire can be a deadly and destructive force of nature and if you are not adequately prepared, you could be at risk without even knowing. Meticulous preparation is the ideal form of defence against a wildfire. Included in the Check Protect Survive™ service, Vulcan offers you a strategic integrated wildfire management plan which identifies and puts in place up-front initiatives and on-going actions, that can contribute to a successful ‘co-existence’ with wildfire.


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Identification & Analysis of Risk:
Creating fire adaptive communities through property risk assessment and analysis of steps to mitigate any hazards or potential threat. This is professionally documented in Vulcan’s Integrated Fire Management plans. This is Vulcan’s Check Protect Survive™ service.

Risk Reduction:
Property mitigation measures; prescribed burning, stack burning, fuel reduction, fire breaks.

Vulcan Training:
Vulcan Training offers you a training experience of the highest quality. Our passionate and experienced course facilitators combined with contemporary training systems deliver premium outcome-based training.Your process from start to finish is professional, hassle free and rewarding. Vist our Training website

Strategic Planning Assistance:
Pre-emptive wildfire operational plans, intelligence gathering.

Effective Wildfire Response:
An elite firefighting crew specialising in initial attack and complex operations. A self sufficient, dedicated and motivated specialised crew for all incident assignments. Read about the crew in this
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Rehabilitation of paths and fences, stability of habitat vulnerable to erosion, reduction of alien infestation, felling of dangerous trees.