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Imagine for a moment a wildfire sweeping through your property. In a matter of minutes you can lose everything…your home, the life of someone close to you, your animals, or the land you rely on for income.
Just as every family, household and property is unique, so every CHECK PROTECT SURVIVE™ report is customised specifically to answer your assessed needs and situation.

Did you Know – Burning Embers are a primary cause of homes and structures catching fire during wildfires.

  • An ember can be burning twigs, leaves or pieces of debris.
  • Embers threaten your home when they are carried by the wind and land on or around a building.
  • Embers can land on flammable surfaces, i.e. organic litter in your gutters, and then set fire to your house.
  • With an active wildfire in your area, embers are a constant threat. They can fall before, during and after a wildfire passes your home.

Meticulous preparation is the ideal form of defence against a wildfire. Included in the Check Protect Survive™ service, Vulcan offers you a strategic integrated wildfire management plan which identifies and puts in place up-front initiatives and on-going actions, that can contribute to a successful ‘co-existence’ with wildfire. The process involves three phases. These are made up of a detailed assessment producing the report and the mitigation work required to reduce the risks associated with wildfire.

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Phase 1: Detailed Assessment

The identification of risks on your property and gathering of essential information is conducted during Phase 1 by an experienced Vulcan professional, who understands the dynamics of wildfire, the hazards involved and how it impacts the wildland urban interface.This Check Protect Survive™ methodology has been created by Vulcan Wildfire Management, drawing on a combination of wildland firefighting operational experience and current international best practice.


Phase 2: Producing the Check Protect Survive™ report

Based on the assessment in Phase 1, you will receive a detailed breakdown of mitigation procedures required to lower your risk. These may include:

  • Analysis of your home, structures, crops, equipment and business assets and how you can improve resistance from wildfire and create defendable spaces.
  • Pre-emptive measures required to improve the safety of people, animals and livestock.
  • Our Interactive Task Management Tool which prioritises the required mitigation tasks, allowing you to plan and keep up to date with their implementation.
  • FuelBreak and fuel reduction strategies including prescribed fire plans if necessary.
  • Fire services support strategy: Assessing access for firefighting vehicles, marking appropriate water points, analysing your escape routes, establishing safety zones, incident staging areas, strategic maps etc.

All of this information will be compiled in a professionally produced Check Protect Survive™ report.


Phase 3: Implementing the Work Required to Mitigate Your Risk

The Check Protect Survive™ report identifies the work that will be required in order to reduce all aspects of your assessed wildfire risk. At this point of the project you can:

  • Outsource to a contractor.
  • Complete the work yourself, if you have the capacity through your own workers.
  • Contract Vulcan Wildfire Management, a professional team with a foundation in wildfire suppression. Vulcan ensures the Check Protect Survive™ report is followed and all the recommendations are implemented correctly. The work is done with a skilled and professional approach by a hardworking and reliable crew who understands wildfire.

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