Check Protect Survive


On the back of wildfire seasons which have claimed lives and destroyed millions of Rands worth of property, assets and agriculture we all have to ask ourselves.

‘Am I doing enough and how can I prevent this loss?’

Imagine for a moment a wildfire sweeping through your property and hundreds of embers landing on your home. In a matter of minutes, you can lose everything…your home, the life of someone close to you, your animals, or the land you rely on for income. Where details matter, meticulous preparation is the ideal form of defence against a wildfire. Vulcan Wildfire Management have developed a South African risk assessment service, Check Protect Survive™

Vulcan offers you professional consulting and a strategic wildfire plan which identifies and puts in place up-front initiatives and on-going actions, that can contribute to a successful ‘co-existence’ with wildfire. Just as every family, household and property is unique, so every CHECK PROTECT SURVIVE™ report is customised specifically to answer your assessed needs and situation.

Our services include consulting, risk assessment and a basic or a detailed report. We customise the service to meet your requirements.

Why Vulcan?

Your wildfire challenges are given our full attention. We take care to understand your situation and unique set of circumstances. The solutions which we provide are practical and produce the results you seek.


  • Learn to successfully co-exist with wildfires.
  • Prepare your home from wildfires.
  • Prepare your surrounding property from wildfires.
  • Address community wildfire risks.
  • Establish escape plans and prepare survival kits.


  • The safety of you and your family.
  • Pets, horses and livestock.
  • Your business & assets.
  • Defending your property.
  • Develop a holistic strategy for resilience.


  • Evacuate from wildfire.
  • Trapped by wildfire.
  • Community safety zones.
  • Survival strategies.
  • Post wildfire recovery.

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