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In wildfire hot-spots all around the world, including South Africa, there is a substantial challenge and increasing pressure to ensure effective strategies are put in place aimed at reducing wildfire loss. Those who can play a part in risk reduction include homeowners, communities, businesses, municipalities, districts and provinces. They all need to work together to both prepare and react.

With all the great scientific research studies and data available, an important question that musted be asked… Why is very little progress being made on the ground, to limit wildfire loss? It’s critical to have high level data to support risk reduction efforts but there is seemingly a big gap in translating this intelligence into action on the ground.

Vulcan Wildfire Management has a communications division which is pioneering and innovative. They also intimately understand wildfire challenges having been actively and operationally part of wildfire incidents and risk reduction work. The experiences and insights of the Vulcan Team have ensured communication strategies are developed which bridge the communications gap between people on the ground and the scientific/strategic level insights which are generated.

Why Vulcan?

We are more than a communications division; we draw on incident and disaster experience to help drive meaningful campaigns and messages. We offer the type of thinking and approach which connects strategy to action on the ground.


Together we can define the end result and set meaningful communication objectives. Get in touch with us so we can start the process.

Strategy Development

We will work on an innovative strategy to connect with the right target audience. We then define a project timeline and set targets.

Implementation of Campaign

We expertly manage the communication process and campaign. Communication is an ongoing process so it’s important to work with feedback and sculpt the delivery of the campaign to deliver maximum effect. Analysis and insights are also recorded.

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Communication leads to connections, community and mutual value